Blemishes and acne are common but loathe by many

Despite being a common condition among teens and adults, blemishes and acne is a condition that is difficult to cope, and it can cause social anxiety, low self-esteem and even depression. Statistics have shown that adult acne affects 25% of men and 50% of women at some time in their adult lives. Out of this group, 33% of them usually have acne on their chest and back too. Acne has been a condition that is tough to treat as there are many possible underlying causes to it. However General Topics, the manufacturer of this amazing range of products, understands the distress of acne patients and have formulated a range of products that works on the main factors that causes acne breakout.

The source of blemishes and acne

There can be many underlying reasons for acne breakout, but there are 4 main factors that cause acne. They are, (1) over production of oil (sebum) on the skin, (2) excessive dead skin cells clogged within the follicles, (3) bacterial colonization and (4) inflammation. Not all factors must be present before the formation of acne. But usually more than 1 factor is present during the breakout.

However did know that increase production of sebum on the skin does not necessarily lead to increase of acne vulgaris.

Efficacy exceeds traditional treatments

It is almost impossible for any single therapy to address all 4 causes of acne. Usually topical products are combined with oral treatment such as Vitamin A or oral contraceptive pills. However, the contraindications and possible side effects can be very disturbing and unbearable. Some common side effects of traditional topical treatment include redness, extreme dryness and irritation. With the urge to treat this condition with the least side effects and highest efficacy, General Topics has constantly improved the formula to ensure optimal results. Now, in this formula, not only do they have wonderful formulation, they have added patented ingredient that ensure coverage of all 4 factors.

The innovative approach to acne pathology

Triethyl Citrate, GT-Peptide-10 and Ethyl Linoleate, these are the 3 main active ingredients in Aknicare. Present in almost all the products, they can effectively counteract on the causes of acne and also, decrease the chances of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Formulated without antibiotics, retinoids and steroids, Aknicare can be used as a daily maintenance regime for prevention.

Clinically proven to ensure improvement and results

Extensively researched, it is clinically tested and proven on the efficacy for acne skin. The reduction of overall severity was indicated by a corresponding fall in inflammation lesion (acne) and lesion count.